Fontainebleau State Park

Fontainebleau is a state park in Mandeville, LA, located on Lake Ponchartrain. The park features a rich history including ruins of a brickyard and sugar mill, as well as lots of outdoorsy activities like hiking, fishing, and even crabbing.

I began this project by researching visual styles and color palettes. Because of the nature in the park – water and greenery in particular – I wanted to have a blue/green color palette. To avoid being to similar to many, many other parks out there, I avoided the typical green and blue tones and went with a dark blue, bright modern green, and brickyard orange. The logo has a rough-and-tumble texture, while still feeling family friendly. I also created additional illustrations of different lodging options at the park in the style of the logo – these were used on the website and in merchandise materials.




Digital, Print