I’ve designed over 50 t-shirts! Here’s a few highlights. These have been screen printed at sites like theyetee.com and shirtpunch.com, and most are still available to purchase in my shop pages.

MaskedRider640x640 B_sanct_640x640 AtTwilight640x640 A_kingdom OneyWinter640x640 B_xx121  JingleCrossing640x640 ManAndBeast640x640 B_modC_plumberpop TakeMyRevolution640x640 letsjamD_hot PierceThePixels640x640 HokutoShinkenDojoBlue640x640  ShutterChancev2640x640 The3rd640x640 YouAreAlreadyDead640x640 B_fuji PixelMononoke640x640 B_psiboi